Cloud Computing Services

It used to be that if you had your “head in the clouds” you were a dreamer with very little focus. Today being in the cloud is a very good thing. Imagine coming into your office each day and everything working the way it should. No computers to reboot. No tapes to change. No calls to the IT person first thing to find out why your printer won’t print. This is beauty of cloud computing.


What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a buzz word for a group of computers sharing computing and storage resources. Instead of your software and data residing on one physical server it is split across many virtual servers that work together to provide reliability and performance. If one server becomes overloaded with requests, another less busy server helps handle the workload. If a server fails, then the remaining servers split the workload to provide seamless service to the end user.

What software works on the cloud?
Most business software that you are currently running in your office will work inside our cloud. As long as the software will run in a Windows Terminal server environment, then it probably meets the requirements for the cloud. Each week more software vendors are approving their applications to work in a cloud environment. We can work with your software vendors to determine if your current software is able to be run in the cloud.

What advantages would my company gain by utilizing cloud services?
Let’s face it. New servers are expensive. When you purchase the latest hardware, operating systems, and licenses the price really starts to add up. Add to that installation costs and ongoing maintenance costs for the new equipment and the price tag for a new server has gone through the roof. Just the migration to a new server often requires extensive downtime and troubleshooting to get problems resolved.

What if you could pay a fixed amount each month for your server, operating system, licenses and support? What if you had access to the latest server platforms and operating systems automatically when you needed them? This is what makes the cloud computing model such a strong alternative to traditional servers. For a fixed amount per user each month you would have the computing resources you need at a price you can afford.

No more in house servers to maintain. All the support for your server platform is included with your cloud services. We don’t just give you the platform and leave you to install and maintain your servers yourself. We help you migrate your software to the cloud, monitor and maintain your cloud, and work with you and your software vendors on tech support issues.

How does the cloud integrate with my network?
Each network is different and there are several ways to integrate it into your environment. We can completely remove your local file server and place all your software and desktop security management into the cloud or you can move parts of your software into the cloud and leave your server onsite for local storage. Contact us and we can discuss how we might integrated the cloud into your specific network.

Why should I choose Solutions ITC as my cloud partner?
Solutions ITC has been in business for 13 years. We’ve been offering cloud solutions for over 8 of those years. That’s longer than most cloud providers have been in business. We have already decommissioned our first cloud and have rolled out our second. That’s more experience than other companies can provide.

We’re also a real company. We are a brick and mortar company with a real location and real people staffing it. We don’t outsource our call center or support personnel. We aren’t located behind someone else’s equipment. We own our equipment from the edge routers to the storage clusters.

Our support is second to none. We take pride in servicing each and every client. No matter if your 5 users or 500, any problem you have becomes our problem. We build relationships with our clients that last.

Is the cloud secure?
You bet it is! We only allow connections to our cloud network through secure VPN connections from your company’s firewall or throught secure software clients loaded on your computers. Every piece of data is encrypted to and from the cloud.

I’m interested in moving to the cloud. How do we get there from here?
It’s not as difficult as you might think. Call us and let one of our cloud consultants discuss your needs with you. We can put together a cloud offering that is economical and tailored to your needs. Once you decide to move to our cloud, you will be assigned a project manager that you will work with on coordinating the move of your data and software. You will have a chance to test your software in the cloud environment and then we’ll set a go live date. After that, it’s smooth sailing on your new cloud platform.

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