Offsite Backup
Offsite backup has become an essential part of any company’s disaster recovery plan. By backing up your data and storing it at our data center, you are assured that in the event a catastrophic event occurs at your office, your data is safe and readily retrievable.

So how does the offsite backup work?

We load a backup agent on your server that controls the encryption and transport of your data to our data center over the internet. Each night it backs up bit level changes to your data and securely transmits them to our datacenter. Since it is only backing up the changes, the transfer takes a lot less time than backing up every file again each night. This also allows for us to keep revisions to each file for up to 30 days. We also monitor your backup each day and alert you if it ever should fail.

So how is my data secure if it’s stored at your datacenter?

With the help of Amazon’s S3 powerful cloud computing, its reliability is backed with 99.9% guarantees to provide a high-security datacenter. Amazon’s S3 allows you to create a 256bit encryption key that only you know. All the data is stored encrypted on our servers and is only accessible by someone that has the key. This makes it completely secure for your company and satisfies even the most stringent industry standards.

So why choose your offsite backup over the other companies out there?

Every offsite backup company performs the same basic function. They backup your data and make it available to you in case you ever need it. But what if you need it? Did you ever think about what that really means? Your office has just been hit by a disaster. Your servers are completely demolished. How do you get your company back up and running? I recently met an office manager at a trade show that had a similar situation happen. They completely lost their servers and their data but had been using an offsite backup company. They contacted the company and was able to get their data overnighted on DVDs. They got the files the next day but had no idea what to do next. You can’t just run down to the corner and get a new server. They were down for almost 2 weeks trying to get computers loaded and their systems back in place.
We take a different approach to getting you back up and running. Since we have a full IT company and the leverage of Amazon’s S3 secure Cloud platform, we have the staff and the equipment to get you up and running quickly. If disaster strikes, we can temporarily or even permanently restore your data and software to our Cloud Computing Cluster and get you access to your crucial systems. We’re not just an offsite backup service; we’re a disaster recovery solution. We also have 24 hour emergency tech support with live technicians that can begin the process of getting you back up and running. Ask any other offsite backup provider if they can provide that level of support.Call us today and let us help design a disaster recovery plan for your business.
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