What is VoIP?

The acronym VoIP stands for “Voice-over Internet Protocol.” VoIP is a technology that uses a broadband connection to place and receive calls. Broadband is the common term for a high bandwidth Internet connection-one that can transmit or download information up to 40 times faster than a standard telephone or modem. To get a better understanding of how VoIP works, please view our brochure How VoIP Works.

VoIP provides many business benefits, but the most recognized are cost savings and flexibility.

What are the Cost Savings?

From low to no start up costs, long distance savings, network infrastructure savings, conferencing savings, and productivity benefits, VoIP can significantly reduce operational costs for most organizations. At SolutionsITC we use the same VoIP system we provide for our clients as the backbone of our customer support service, so we can vouch for its reliability and user-friendly functionality.

What about Flexibility?

Using VoIP, the office becomes mobile, giving you a constant, sometimes vital connection to your customers. Need to work from home but can’t get away from the office responsibilities? No problem, with VoIP, your office extension can ring at home or wherever you have an internet connection.

What kind of equipment do I need?

We have several options for using VoIP in your business. If you have an existing phone system that you are comfortable using, we can put equipment in front of your traditional phone system to connect it to our VoIP network. Your phone system will work just as it always has and you will benefit from costs savings of using VoIP phone lines.

You can also upgrade to newer phone system and fully utilize all the features our VoIP phone system can offer at the fraction of the cost of a traditional phone system. You purchase new desktop phones and you have your choice of putting a VoIP enabled phone system onsite or using our hosted phone system solution. Our VoIP consultants can help advise you on the best implementation for your business.

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